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Before finding Dr. Redlin I had given up hope of living a life without constant pain in my wrist. Multiple surgeons turned me away for having a case that was too complicated, but Dr. Redlin was excited to take on the challenge. It was the first time that I felt heard by a surgeon and I could tell she was genuinely invested in helping me get better. After a thorough evaluation, imaging, and consulting with a team of surgeons, she presented me with three different options to choose from and really took the time to help me understand the pros and cons of each. Added bonus, she is incredibly responsive by email and answered all of my questions and concerns right away!  Thanks to her attention to detail and thorough care, I am now pain free and forever grateful that I found her.


 Tori Z, Los Gatos, CA

Approx. 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left hand.  As a Law Enforcement Officer, my concern to perform my duties increased as well.  In 2015, I met Dr. Hillary Redlin. Dr. Redlin was so very knowledgeable in her specialty of Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery. Dr. Redlin at each appointment took the time needed to meet with me and explain her diagnoses and treatment options. Dr. Redlin was very sympathetic to my needs and the career that required the use of both of my hands. Dr. Redlin fully explained the type of surgery that would be required to repair my hand, the total required recovery time, and the pros & cons of this type of surgery. Dr. Redlin continued to treat my condition at my request with steroid injections, which helped with the pain and continued me being able to continue my career.  I knew from the first day I met Dr. Redlin that she was the Surgeon for me.  Dr. Redlin is very easy to communicate with and to this day I can still email her and obtain a response within 24 hours or less.  

In August 2018, I was officially done with the daily pain of my Arthritis and non-function of the fingers on my left hand.  Dr. Redlin spent a total of 5-6 hours to fully repair my hand to her expectations. Twice during the surgical procedure Dr. Redlin would have O.R staff contact my wife in the waiting area to let her know the progress of the surgery etc. I must add that the surgical staff at the Presidio Center where Dr. Redlin conducts her surgeries are 100% amazing and I highly recommend this facility for a surgery.  After 3 months of recovery and physical therapy, which is exactly the recovery time expected, I will be returning to full duties as a Law Enforcement officer with NO restrictions. If you are looking for an exceptional, knowledgable, and caring surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Hillary Redlin. Traveling 4 hours for her outstanding care is well worth my time. I’m a 54 year old male with 30+ years in Law Enforcement. Dr. Redlin gave me back my career and the function in my left hand.  


Alan M, Fortuna, Ca.   

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